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Our Coffins

At Daisy Coffins we have spent the last few years achieving a balance between well constructed coffins that are also beautiful to look at. Simple, uncluttered designs let the true character of the material come through, embellished by the skills and experience of Javanese weavers with generations of expertise.

Our coffins are all made of eco-friendly, sustainable and fast growing materials native to Java including water hyacinth, bamboo, banana leaf, wicker and soft wood. Each coffin is made from albasia, which is a very fast growing but strong plantation wood. This ensures that they are strong, rigid, and creak free. The exterior is then hand woven from a selection of materials to produce a unique and incredibly elegant design.

Unique colours, texture and patterns

The coffins come in different shapes, the traditional coffin shape, a half round, and a square. Sizes range from 5’6” to 6’3”. Because of the nature of the materials used, every coffin has its own unique weave, colour and texture, and each design is beautifully elegant as well as being strong and rigid.

We offer personalisation with nameplates and footplates on all our eco-coffins - each one is engraved here in the UK at our warehouse. Daisy green coffins are available within 48 hours of ordering.

Every detail is taken care of

We don’t compromise on the quality of our green coffins, and use fully sustainable and bio-degradable materials throughout. The interior is lined with unbleached calico and we do not use any metal nails, replacing them with wooden screws instead.

The handles are made of wood and rope, and any glued parts are secured using aliphatic glue, which is non-toxic and bio-degradable. The name and footplates are hand-carved from wood and are inscribed with your personalised message.

  • Water Hyacinth

    Water Hyacinth is a free-floating, fast growing aquatic plant that is considered an invasive pest. The stems are dried and separated into fibres around two feet long. These can then be used to weave onto the frames of the coffins, producing a smooth, tactile design.

  • Banana Leaf is a fast growing resource in Java. The leaves around the stem of the plant are picked and dried, before being rolled into rope. Banana Leaf produces a pale coloured rope that is esthetically pleasing and attractive, and is flexible enough to be woven in different patterns around a wooden frame.

  • Wicker Rattan

    Our wicker coffins come in natural gold or silver grey and are actually made from rattan - a bamboo-like plant. The rattan canes have the inner core separated and then worked into wicker, which is then used in strands to weave into different patterns around the wooden frame of the eco-coffin.

  • Bamboo

    One of the fastest growing plants on the earth, bamboo is an ideal material as it is sustainable and strong. It’s also one of our most popular materials for green coffins, as the variety of designs and patterns that can be produced is extensive. The bamboo is cut into strips and woven into panels, which are used inside the wooden frame of the bamboo coffin. It is fully biodegradable.

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