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How to buy a coffin?

Click on the link above to find the nearest Funeral Director to you, and to find out how to buy a Coffin.
Daisy coffins are the natural individual environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional style coffin. Designed with beauty and strength in mind,
Daisy eco coffins combine sophistication with quality. Hand crafted and environmentally friendly, the green coffins offer a
dignified and unique solution made from 100% natural products.
We supply natural, biodegradable coffins and caskets, all hand-crafted from banana leaf, water hyacinth, bamboo, wood and wicker.
We also stock an extensive range of wooden, ceramic, brass and leaf urns on our new site Daisy Cremation Urns,
which features clean and contemporary designs. Your customised engraving plate can be added to any item. 
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